About Sorna Nava

The Sorna Nova Company was established in 1992 with the aim of developing the music and cultural space, and received the first license on the import of musical instruments from the Ministry of Guidance. The company’s goal is to provide music services to music enthusiasts and musicians and to supply related supplies.

Sorna is the exclusive distributor of 15 of the world’s leading musical instruments companies, including Yamaha, Jupiter, Mapex, Hohner, Suzuki, Minel, Sela, Piste, Pearl, Hercules, Vick-firth, Venderon, Sabian, Rico, chato, Showrats, Buffet and … The supply of wind and military equipment from other fields of activity of this company has been established since the beginning.

In recent years, in order to further expand its artistic environment, the company has been developing various sub-sectors, including the establishment of the Sorna Institute. The Lighting and Sound Equipment Unit has an audio recording studio equipped with advanced recording equipment and a performance hall and acoustic concert.